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Wed, 10.07.2024       Siegfried AG

The Board of Directors of Siegfried Holding AG has appointed Marcel Imwinkelried as the new CEO with effect as of September 1, 2024. He will succeed Reto Suter, who has been leading the Siegfried Group as CEO ad interim since May 1, 2024, and will now focus again on his role as CFO. Marcel Imwinkelried (1967) joined the Siegfried Group in January 2 [ … ]
Fri, 14.06.2024       Siegfried AG

  EGS Beteiligungen AG exercised its right to convert one of the convertible bonds issued in December 2020 with a coupon of 0.650% and a nominal value of CHF 40m into shares. EGS Beteiligungen will receive 51'899 shares of Siegfried Holding AG and as a result will increase its stake in Siegfried from 5.0% to about 6.2% registered shares (about 7.2 [ … ]

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