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In this section, we provide users of our information portal with a further option for carrying out research and analyses on listed companies. The module offers a wide range of setting options as well as a number of useful additional features that make your work easier when analyzing companies. You also save valuable time, as further information is just a click away.
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Name CoinShares International

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The price data shown in the chart widget is end-of-day data* (EoD). They provide an initial visual indication of trends and developments with regard to current or historical price performance. It is an image of the performance and can be used for further research if required. Insights can be gained from the share price performance that can be incorporated into the assessment of a company's possible future share price and thus value development. The tool provided here and all additional features can be used free of charge. The various functionalities make it possible to validate the results with other sources. A click on the company logo will take you to the website of the listed company.
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