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In this section, we present the product portfolio of our cooperation partner ActivTrades, whose range of services is primarily aimed at active investors with an affinity for the stock market who are active in all market phases with a focus on opportunities and a pronounced awareness of risk. ActivTrades is a provider that has won multiple international awards and was the first provider to win the DDH Transparency Award (2023/2024) in user voting.

The overview shows which listed companies can be traded with and without margin via contracts for difference.

Companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX are also very popular among active traders. This is demonstrated not least by the monthly trading statistics published by our trading partner, which you can obtain by subscribing to the news service, for example. This list shows all reference values that are listed on US stock exchanges and can be traded as contracts for difference.

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The overviews refer to listed companies which, among other things, serve as benchmarks or underlyings for derivatives derived from them. Derivatives are designed by product developers in different ways. They range from simply structured warrants to complex forms that are often given exotic names. Contracts for difference ("CFD" for short) are financial products that are traded on margin and which, in their original form, are equipped with a parameter that acts as a multiplier. The leverage effect generated by this has a disproportionate impact in both performance directions. The "leveraged opportunity" is offset by a "leveraged risk". CFDs are transparent derivatives, as the price development of the financial instrument is directly linked to the underlying asset. Due to the risk-relevant product features, CFDs are not suitable for inexperienced investors. Extensive prior knowledge on both a theoretical and practical level is required in order to be able to use the products profitably.
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